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July 1, 2011: Libations: Throwback Brewery
August 1, 2011: Libations: Summer Beer Pairings

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Maine’s Top 3 Best Microbrews

Portland, Maine has been hailed by some as the East Coast’s “beer heaven.” Maine itself is not shy about their love for beer – with over thirty breweries covering the state there is certainly a lot of competition for the craft beer market. As a beer reviewer living in Maine, I thought it would be in my best interest to set out some criteria before jumping into selecting the brews -because I might have a bit of bias for some of my “favorite” beers.

I Wish My Girlfriend Liked Craft Beer

When I mention that I’m a beer critic, beer reviewer or beer blogger, or I just happen to saddle up to a barstool and order myself a deep, dark oatmeal stout, I get a few reactions. Usually people ask me about what I do, why I got into it. And then, a lot of guys say the following, “That’s so cool. I wish MY girlfriend liked beer.”

Tasting Beer : Why our Vocabularies Lag Behind Our Tongues

I’ve always enjoyed trying new things, experiencing new flavors, but once I discovered beer I found I had a new dilemma – how to tell others about beer and have them imagine the taste of what I’d just sampled. When eating delicious food, I knew what I liked, knew what I enjoyed about dishes, but never really had to articulate in words. And then I met beer.

Know Your Beer : Ales & Lagers

A few years ago, if I were a game show contestant and asked the difference between an ale and a lager, I couldn’t have told you, not even for a million dollars. I simply didn’t know and didn’t know that I needed to care. But as my drinking palate expanded and my vocabulary grew, I knew I should probably get to the bottom of this very fundamental question.


Quest for the Perfect Beer List (Dr. Beer Love. com)

I love trying out new places, but nothing ruins a night out for me more than finding out a new bar’s tap list consists of what I could find crumpled on the ground of my college campus after an all night frat party. Only slightly above that, in my opinion, is a bar in which they have a bigger craft beer selection – including the “macro” craft brews like Sam Adams – but nothing local despite the presence of some wonderful brewings in the neighborhood.