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Hello Craft Beer enthusiasts! I’ve changed up the site a little, as you can see. I want to let you know that I still have the same goals – to share craft beer adventures, beers and knowledge with you but I have a few additional features I’m adding that I think may be useful or interesting. I am always open to feedback, so let me know what you think.

First, the layout is different (obviously). The top navigation menu is the post category – clicking on the catgory will show you all the posts within the category. The page menu (that used to be on the top) is now on the right sidebar. I’m currently working to re-incorporate the blogroll, into the site’s template so don’t panic, it’s coming back soon!

What’s exciting is that in addition to Beer Reviews and Beer Adventures (locations), I have decided to add two new categories to the site – Quick Pints & Feature Fridays

The first – what I’m calling “Quick Pints” – is all about learning more about our favorite beverage, beer. While I’m around the net and doing research for beer, I often find interesting facts that I want to share – and I’ll be posting just that – a fact, statistic or other interesting bit of beer info for the curious. They’ll be short posts, but hopefully we’ll all learn something from them. Drop me an email if you have a specific question you want me to research and answer – I’ll gladly do the legwork to find out. Soon I’ll have a way for you to ask questions directly though the site, though you’ll have to wait just a little while for that 😉

Also, the online craft beer community is a huge and booming one, and I’m certainly not the first or the only one out there. There are a multitude of tools, really interesting websites, great writers and other things I’d love to share. So instead of a traditional link list, I’ll be doing “Feature Fridays” where I’ll write up a great site on the web for you to check out. Suggestions for what to feature are always welcome, so drop me a comment below if you have suggestions.

I hope that you enjoy both of these new post types. The posting schedule for the upcoming year will be the following:

  • Mondays: Hop Press article
  • Tuesdays: Beer Review
  • Thursdays: Beer Review
  • Fridays: Feature Friday

I hope you all have a great New Year and enjoy the site!

The Beer Babe

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  1. There’s a beer tasting party in Haverhill, MA on Saturday March 19. I mentioned your website to the hostess, she suggested I send you a link to the webiste. Feel free to either request an invite or to show up under the “umbrella policy.”

    Info here:

    Photos from last year’s party on FB at:

    PS Reminder: Haverhill MA is one of the stops on the Downeaster train that runs from Portland to Boston…

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