The Beer Babe’s Brew reviews was launched in May of 2007 and is a place for beer and brewery reviews, as well as discussion of craft beer content and other topical posts on craft beer. The goal is to have a site that is written towards the semi-knowledgeable to amateur-level beer enthusiast but can be understood by both beer geeks and novices alike. No rating system is used for beer reviews, but instead there are focused qualitative descriptions and recommendations.

Site Features

Brew Reviews: The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews contain reviews of craft beer (as well as some macro-breweries) but does not typically cover import beer as the goal is to try beer that is accessible in the US by consumers. All reviews written by The Beer Babe are her own opinion, and are independent of the source of the beer. Journalistic samples are welcome, but are not guaranteed a favorable review – only an honest opinion. Please email if you have press releases or for information on samples.

Beer Adventures: The posts in this category are visits to breweries, beer festivals, beer education events or other places of interest involving beer. Please email if you have event announcements or would like to request that I cover an event.

Special/Holiday: Posts under this category are themed (i.e., for holidays, around a specific call for content – for example “The Session”, a collective of beer writers writing on the same topic each month – or are outside of the bounds of traditional reviews.

Site Stats

The Beer currently generates an average of 10,000 pageviews per month from an average 1200 unique visitors. Most traffic originates from the US, though several other countries are strongly represented, including the United Kingdom and Canada.

Social Media
The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews has a strong twitter following that grows daily. Twitter follower count for @beerbabe is currently 5000+ and this network of craft-beer enthusiasts, writers, brewers and industry professionals on twitter is a rapidly growing one. In addition, a partner Facebook page helps to spread content beyond visitors to the site.

Direct Advertisement Opportunities

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  • 125 x 125 ads are available at monthly and yearly rates. (Discounted rates for non-profits are also available.)
  • Upcoming festival and event announcements can be posted by request.
  • Invite me to your event and I will write it up and publicize it before and after it occurs.

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