Podcast: Episode 34 – Sixpoint Brewery

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Food Trucks & Beer

Until recently, Maine has not been able to enjoy the creative and funky foods from mobile vehicles. But recent rule changes have allowed a small fleet of trucks to start spreading out throughout the city, albeit to limited locations and times. As exciting as that is, it takes a few more partnerships before the “food truck culture” will sweep Portland. And this weekend, I think I witnessed a perfect union between two community-focused businesses – breweries and food trucks – as executed by Rising Tide Brewing in East Bayside.

Bunker Brewing - 122 Coffee IPA

The best kinds of bitterness in Bunker Brewing’s 122 Coffee IPA

Now, before you spit out your coffee (or beer) when you hear the terms “coffee” and “IPA” in the same beer name, this perhaps isn’t such an insane idea. After all, coffee stouts blend their own roasted bitterness with the sharp coffee notes to great success – why shouldn’t this other bitterness found in strong hops work just as well?

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Podcast: Episode 33 – Norm’s Cans

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Podcast: Episode 32 – Cloudy with a chance of Heweizen

In this episode, we talk about the community and grassroots outreach events that brewers in Mass came together to raise funds for the victims of the Boston marathon bombings. Also discussed are new can designs from A-B, and the American Homebrewer’s Association “Big Brew” events throughout New England.

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Tapping Portsmouth

Four Portsmouth breweries – The Portsmouth Brewery, Redhook Brewery, Smuttynose Brewing Co., and Earth Eagle Brewings — are working together with Strawbery Banke Museum to present this year’s special exhibit, “Tapping Portsmouth: How the Brewing Industry Shaped the City,” opening May 1, with additional sponsorship from Kennebunk Savings Bank.

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Podcast: Episode 31 – Raise Your Pints

As idiotic as your state’s beer and alcohol laws may be, they probably don’t compare to Mississippi. It was (until the recent and heroic efforts of Raise Your Pints, a grassroots organization) illegal to homebrew or to sell beer over 5% ABV. We first heard from Craig a few years ago at an earlier Beer Blogger’s Conference, but since then both laws have been changed. We chat with Craig Hendry, founder of Raise Your Pints about what’s next in Mississippi.