Two books for your beer bookshelf

A few years ago, there were only a handful of books written about beer, and most concerned themselves with methods for brewing it, or stories of how a particular brewer rose to fame and success. There have been some highlights along the way, but I am very pleased that beer writers are beginning to take…


Maine Island Trail Ale

Every summer I take a vacation with a friend to Vinalhaven Island – the highlight of which is usually kayaking around the inlets and tiny islands and hanging out with eagles, seals and the sights and sounds that make summer sing with life. I am grateful for the opportunity to do this, but also grateful…

Fire Island Beer Co. pours me a Red Wagon IPA.

Brace yourself, it’s festival season

There are a lot of fantastic things about being involved in the rise of craft beer. The incredible growth in this state is creating jobs, bringing people to the state to try Maine beer, and beer events are quickly becoming a part of our life in this state and in Portland. As the interest in craft beer grows, there is one thing that is occurring that can sometimes be challenging. Starting in the beginning of June, beer-related festivals and events begin to fill the calendar.


Nothing Missing in Omission Pale Ale

I consider myself to be very lucky not to be affected by any kind of gluten sensitivity. Many of the people that I know, however, do have either a gluten allergy, Celiac disease, or some other medical reason that gluten negatively affects them. Unfortunately for the beer lover, this significantly narrows the choices for beers that you can drink. Since May is Celiac Awareness month, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my favorite options for gluten-free beer.


Happy Sol brings much-needed sunshine to Maine

I recently went on a trip to Cedar City Utah, where I spent four days in sunny, summer-like weather. I even got a bit of a sunburn when I forgot to re-apply my sunscreen on the second day. So my dismay upon returning to the Manchester, NH airport in a downpour only grew when I realized that the chilly rains were going to stick around for days instead of hours.

I returned home and opened my fridge to see if there was anything there that could lift my spirits a bit for the upcoming week of pervasive gloom. I spied a bottle that I had picked up the week before – Somerville Brewing Company’s Happy Sol – and thought it would be a good start.


Podcast: Episode 35 – Backlash Beer Co.

We chat with Helder Pimentel, Founder of Boston based Backlash Beer Co.


The State of Maine Craft Beer #ACBW

I got to thinking about how much I’ve learned about Maine Beer recently, so I put together an infographic. Many thanks to those that helped me accurately get a count of Maine breweries – I will post a list with details as part of my American Craft Beer Week #ACBW coverage. I was very surprised…