The Festival Wrap-up – Part 2: The other side of the table

After thinking about all of the things that made the festival enjoyable for participants, it is now time to turn to the ever-growing list of complaints that have been coming from brewers, organizers and volunteers – specifically about Maine beer festival laws.I will preface this post by saying that I am not a legal expert, but I have looked over these legal matters with several people more knowledgeable than myself. The confusing and sometimes overlapping beer laws in Maine are a murky swamp to wade through, so I am sure there are elements I may not have completely correct. But the mere fact that they are murky is a problem in and of itself.


The Festival Wrap-up: Part 1 – The Attendee Experience

Now that several days has passed since The Shelton Brothers and 12% Importers hosted “The Festival” in Portland, I’ve had some time to reflect on my experience throughout the weekend.


Live Blog of “The Festival” (Archive)

Note: The below coverage is an archive of Live Coverage provided during both Saturday Sessions at The Shelton Brother’s “The Festival” held in Portland on Saturday. [Read more]


Podcast: Episode 38 – Greg Koch

Show Notes: http://SBLPodcast.com/38


Smuttynose & Stone Brewing Teaming up for “Cluster’s Last Stand”

Some epic news from Stone & Smuttynose – they are teaming up in a collaboration to brew a tribute to the first American IPAs. I cannot wait to try this.


What on Earth is Kombucha?

So, while I may have spent an exorbitant amount of time learning about beer and beer styles, I admit that I never came across the word Kombucha until a few weeks ago. Or maybe I had seen it and just not thought it was relevant. But when I was at a local beer store, looking into their cooler at a row of glass bottles from Urban Farm Fermentory – one caught my eye that had lots of words I didn’t know on it.


Podcast: Episode 37 – Rob Nowaczyk of Fireman’s Brew

Show notes: Http://SBLPodcast.com/37 Rob Nowaczyk, founder of Fireman’s Brew joins the podcast and conducts the first podcast beer tasting and tells us the story of Fireman’s Brew.