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Beer-Inspired Jelly Beans

I’m not usually a sweets person – give me a great plate of cheese and meat and I’ll be your friend for life. But when I saw the press releases floating around about new beer flavored jelly beans from Jelly Belly, I knew that I had to get some. After some reaching out, Jelly Belly sent me a care package with the new flavor and a few extra flavors to create recipes with. [Read more]

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A package full of summer

I like winter, but this one is really beginning to wear on me. Some days it’s just important to remember that we do still have summers here in Maine (really, we do). Thankfully, D.L. Geary Brewing is here to remind us – if only briefly – that summer will be coming back, and is using young talent to do it. Each year, Geary’s has asked Maine College of Art (MECA) students to compete to design packaging for their summer ale. The task is for undergraduate students to design packaging for bottles, six and twelve pack cartons. Though the contest has been run for the past 15 years, it has only recently become a required project in MECA graphic design courses.


Rum, whiskey, coffee, cranberries… Allagash keeps us guessing (and happy)

Allagash Brewing Company is best known nationally for it’s flagship beer – White – that makes up a majority of its sales and allows the brewery to experiment in lesser-known styles. While the rest of the country may know Allagash for its accessible Belgian-style beers, locals know it as the producer of the funky, sour, barrel-aged and just downright interesting. There is usually a bit of a pattern to the releases of beers like Hugh Malone, Victor, Victoria, and the unforgettable Curieux.

After a successful expansion earlier last year, Allagash seems to have hit the ground running with a steady stream of interesting brews – some that have been fermenting for months and others that are fresh out of the brewery. In all honesty, I’m having a lot of trouble keeping up – and that’s a great thing.


Worth the walk: Atlantic Brewing Company’s Aurora’s Farm Oatmeal Ale

I was on my way home looking forward to a relaxing Netflix binge when a friend texted me to ask if I wanted to go out for a beer. Looking at the temperature outside (a balmy 17 degrees) I started to type my polite decline when I got the next text.
“Oh, and there’s an Atlantic Brewing beer release at Little Tap House tonight.”


2013 – The year of the new brewery

As 2013 comes to a close, I think it is safe to declare it as the year of the new brewery – at least in Maine. In all, at least 12 breweries opened in 2013, making up almost a quarter of all of the operating breweries in the state by the close of the year. The growth, sometimes supported by crowd-sourced or creative fundraising, has been unprecedented in Maine’s history.


A toast to Karen Geary – Co-founder of Geary’s Brewing Company

I regret to share the news that the Maine beer community has lost a founding member – Karen Kay Geary. The co-founder of DL Geary Brewing Company passed away after her long battle with cancer on November 28th at the age of 68. Karen Geary was present at the very beginning and birth of craft beer in Maine, becoming co-owner when DL Geary Brewing company was incorporated in 1983. Her former husband David Geary and daughter Kelly Geary still work at the brewery.