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A toast to Karen Geary – Co-founder of Geary’s Brewing Company

I regret to share the news that the Maine beer community has lost a founding member – Karen Kay Geary. The co-founder of DL Geary Brewing Company passed away after her long battle with cancer on November 28th at the age of 68. Karen Geary was present at the very beginning and birth of craft beer in Maine, becoming co-owner when DL Geary Brewing company was incorporated in 1983. Her former husband David Geary and daughter Kelly Geary still work at the brewery.


The American Craft Beer Cookbook (John Holl)

Whether we like it or not, the days where we throw up our hands and say it is “just too hot to cook” are coming to a close. Summer is ending, and the season to start bringing cooking back into our homes is upon us.

If those recipes you’ve been making for months are beginning to bore you, or you are wishing the food you made came close to what you’ve been enjoying at some of your favorite beer gastropubs or brewery restaurants, do not despair. A new collection of recipes prepared by beer writer John Holl in The American Craft Beer Cookbook may be your answer. It contains recipes that appeal to the foodie and the craft beer lover, collected from breweries and brewpubs across the U.S. By seamlessly combining the complimentary worlds of beer and food with a tour of craft beer destinations, The American Craft Beer Cookbook is unlike any beer and food book I’ve come across.

Guest host of #beerchat

Last night I guest hosted #beerchat, a weekly Twitter-based discussion that anyone can join. Every Thursday at 9pm ET, Ben Moore, @activebeergeek asks provocative questions and encourages discussion. This was my first time hosting, and I asked about what people do when they’re talking about what’s not all perfect in the craft beer universe. Using Storify, I put together excerpts from last night’s chat. Enjoy!

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Three summer-friendly beers to stop ignoring

As a craft beer drinker, I am always on the look out for the new, the novel, the hard-to-find. Sometimes, I forget that there are beers available that have been around a while and just work, no questions asked. When they are made by bigger brewers or show up on the shelf at the supermarket, it’s easy for me to find reasons to pass them by for the next newest release. While doing some beer and cheese tastings, I picked up a few lighter beers to use for research, and three of them gave me pause because they were just what I was looking for – but on an average day I might not have stopped to try them at all.


Hops by Rail: A trip to Freeport

The rail system in Maine is limited, but expanding. I can hop on a train and go South to Boston very easily, but only recently have the stations been built to go north of Portland. I hadn’t yet explored any of that leg (which goes all the way to Brunswick, ME currently) so I booked a little trip to Freeport.