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Maine Craft Beer Road Trip: Go west!

Ok, now that we’ve had the warm up trip a few miles North of Portland, let’s venture west. Like the pioneers before us, there is some unknown territory to the west and south – along with some scenic drives through some more of the open spaces in Maine. On this trip, I decided to hit several breweries that I had never visited, despite them being not too far out of reach than others more familiar to me. The town of Limerick is home to Gneiss brewing, that opened last year, and the Biddeford/Saco area has recently experienced a boom of beer activity (and will soon be adding to its beer landscape with a few more breweries in planning there). [Read more…]

Adventures in fermentation at UFF and Maine Beer Company

Right now, I am sitting in my living room in a chair, with the small window-unit air conditioner aimed squarely at my back. The fact that my hair is blowing in my face as I am trying to type doesn’t phase me – at least the air blowing at me is cooler than the air in the rest of my apartment. So, when a friend came up to hang around in Portland for a visit this past Sunday which was just as hot, I knew that my usual routine of aimlessly wandering around the Old Port wouldn’t do.

After a delicious lunch at Duckfat, we decided to turn towards the Bayside neighborhood, since I knew Urban Farm Fermentory (UFF) would be open for tastings that day. On a normal day, this would have been no problem at all. However, as the hill crested and flattened, we began to wilt in the heat. Though high-spirited, our pace continued to slow as we oozed down the street. When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly employee and a few folks waiting to take a tour. However, it was just as hot inside as it was outside.

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Strong Brewing Meets Fundraising Goal

You did it again! Strong Brewing Company (profiled in this post on the Portland Press Herald) successfully hit and exceeded their fundraising goal. 155 people pledged a total of $8385 to help this Sedgewick, ME brewery take its first step. Congratulations, Strong Brewing Co. and thanks to everyone that supported them!

Strong Brewing Company

Revisiting Allagash – And a Taste of FV13

I visit Allagash Brewing Company during a Maine Brew Bus tour and get a chance to try FV13.

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