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Nothing Missing in Omission Pale Ale

I consider myself to be very lucky not to be affected by any kind of gluten sensitivity. Many of the people that I know, however, do have either a gluten allergy, Celiac disease, or some other medical reason that gluten negatively affects them. Unfortunately for the beer lover, this significantly narrows the choices for beers that you can drink. Since May is Celiac Awareness month, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my favorite options for gluten-free beer.


Happy Sol brings much-needed sunshine to Maine

I recently went on a trip to Cedar City Utah, where I spent four days in sunny, summer-like weather. I even got a bit of a sunburn when I forgot to re-apply my sunscreen on the second day. So my dismay upon returning to the Manchester, NH airport in a downpour only grew when I realized that the chilly rains were going to stick around for days instead of hours.

I returned home and opened my fridge to see if there was anything there that could lift my spirits a bit for the upcoming week of pervasive gloom. I spied a bottle that I had picked up the week before – Somerville Brewing Company’s Happy Sol – and thought it would be a good start.

Bunker Brewing - 122 Coffee IPA

The best kinds of bitterness in Bunker Brewing’s 122 Coffee IPA

Now, before you spit out your coffee (or beer) when you hear the terms “coffee” and “IPA” in the same beer name, this perhaps isn’t such an insane idea. After all, coffee stouts blend their own roasted bitterness with the sharp coffee notes to great success – why shouldn’t this other bitterness found in strong hops work just as well?

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Podcast: Episode 32 – Cloudy with a chance of Heweizen

In this episode, we talk about the community and grassroots outreach events that brewers in Mass came together to raise funds for the victims of the Boston marathon bombings. Also discussed are new can designs from A-B, and the American Homebrewer’s Association “Big Brew” events throughout New England.

Oxbow Freestyle #30

Happy (Belated) Birthday – Oxbow Brewing Company’s Freestyle #30

Officially described as an ale “brewed with Belgian candi sugar” and “mixed culture fermentation” that was “aged on Maine cedar” I had a feeling this beer was not going to be like others I’d tasted.


Not too soon to see a Black Fly… Stout

It was breezy but sunny, so my mind turned to summer. I spied a Portland classic – Gritty McDuff’s Black Fly Stout – and promptly took it home with me.


You know Lunch, but do you know MO?

In this post I talk about Maine Beer Company’s MO – the hoppy American Pale Ale often overshadowed by it’s cousin Lunch.