The Session #44 “Undead” t’Smisje Catherine the Great

I apologize for this nearly-late entry – it has been a very, very long week. It started with a trip to Novare Res for a casked beer fest (sponsored by NERAX) and a beer and food tasting festival in Portsmouth NH’s historic museum, Strawberry Banke. After a long week of extended hours at work and

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Green Flash – Stout

I received a few Green Flash beers in a trade (Thanks Heather!) and I was delighted to see that in addition to Le Freak (which is creeping up my list of favorite beers) that there were a few others in the box. One of which was creatively named…. “Stout” With this no-nonsense attitude towards the

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Rising Tide Brewing Company – Ishmael

After complementing The Great Lost Bear (a solid beer bar in Portland, ME) on their new website, I received a tip – they had just acquired and were chilling some Rising Tide Ishmael, the brand new, as-of-yet unreleased beer in town. Rising Tide has been making progress over the summer to get brewing, and will

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