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Sebago – Slick Nick

For the last few years, Portland, ME based brewer Kai Adams of Sebago Brewing company gets on the radio and announces the arrival of Slick Nick, their winter seasonal brew. And at that moment, I am often happy that the beer has come back, but also feel a twinge of sadness about the true end of fall and the inevitable beginning a long winter ahead. However, hearing Kai’s voice assure me that this beer will be around to keep me company during the long winter months is a consoling thought.

Redhook - Winterhook

Redhook – Winterhook

According to Redhook, the Winterhook recipe changes slightly every year “because nobody likes receiving the same gift twice.” I’m all for opening this year’s gift to see what it’s all about.


Rising Tide – Atlantis

After really enjoying Ishmael, delighting in Daymark and reveling in Ursa Minor, how could I not be excited about the next release …


Bull Jagger – Portland Lager

First of all, any brewer that uses “quaffable” on the bottle is okay in my book. Secondly – by using only malt, hops, yeast and water, it takes a lot of precision to get the tastes where you like them. Any brewer can add fruit, or pumpkin, or whatever to their beer and add flavor, but not any brewer can stick to the basics and brew something clean, tasty and flawless.

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Oxbow – Farmhouse Pale Ale

I haven’t written about too many Saisons on this blog, and it is mostly because until recently, it was challenging – to say the least – to find domestically-produced amazing saisons that were worth writing about. Because I don’t review import beer on my site (though I admit to loving it a lot) that has left Sasions out of the styles I’ve reviewed much.

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Sebago Full Moon Cask Night (End of An Era Party)

I walked downtown on the misty, rainy and beautiful type of night that only can happen in a rainy New England spring. Light from street lamps oozed through the haze and the faint, blue glow of the neon signs of Sebago brewing beckoned me towards Middle Street. Sebago Brewing Company is famous around here for their Full Moon Cask Nights but this night, in particular, was special. It was the last cask night in their current location before moving further down the block to a bigger and better space. And, being American Craft Beer Week, I was not planning to turn down the opportunity for great craft beer.

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Baxter Brewing Co. – Pamola Xtra Pale Ale

The long-awaited debut beer from Baxter Brewing Company of Lewiston Maine hit the shelves last week, and everyone I’ve talked to is wondering the same thing. There’s been a lot of talk about them being a can-first brewery (their motto is “We do what we can. We can what we do“), bucking in the face of the conventional, yet misguided wisdom that glass is preferable to cans in terms of preserving a beer’s quality and flavor – and yet the question remains – there’s been a lot of talk about the cans, but has anyone actually tasted the beer?