My name is Carla Jean Lauter, and I am also known as The Beer Babe. I’m a woman who loves learning everything I can about beer. I’ve been a craft-beer writer/blogger since 2007.

Where to find my content

Blog: – Reviews, beer adventures and other posts, starting in May of 2007. [You are here.]

Monthly Column: The Bollard – The Bollard is Portland, Maine’s independent voice for local news and arts coverage. Launched online on Sept. 1, 2005, The Bollard began quarterly print publication in June 2007, and monthly print publication in June 2008. The free monthly magazine is available at over 500 locations statewide.

Podcast: Seacoast Beverage Lab – I’m part of the Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast which is broadcast live via Google+ Hangouts on Wednesday nights from 8:30-9:30 pm. The Seacoast Beverage Lab Podcast started in August 2012 as a source of craft beer news. Each week a panel of beer enthusiasts talk about the latest craft beer news. The show occasionally features special guests from breweries around the world. The show is live YouTube and the audio version is available the next day on iTunes and other podcast hosts.

Weekly radio appearance: WCYY (TownSquare Media) – Listen to 94.3 WCYY in the Southern Maine/Seacoast NH area on Thursday mornings in the 7 – 8am portion of the morning show. As a regular guest, I talk about upcoming events, beer trends, and feature new beers available in the area.

Additional online content: Online articles that I’ve authored for other publications are linked to from this blog (this includes posts for, The Bollard, The Portland Press Herald and


Blog Origin

After college I lived in a duplex that I shared with several room mates walking distance of a convenience store that had a surprisingly large selection of craft beer. That year, I made a habit of bringing home beers that I’d never tried before, and my room mates and I would discuss the beers as we sampled them. We tried anything and everything that we could find, and kept a bottle of each beer we sampled. After a year, we had collected over 100 bottles. But as we were moving out, we realized that we remembered little about each beer. At that point, I decided to begin anew and write down my thoughts on the beers I was trying, and The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews was born.

I’ve now been writing about craft beer since 2007, and I’ve branched out considerably. In addition to beer reviews, I’ve started visiting brewpubs, beer bars and breweries and writing up my “Beer Adventures.”