cropped-IMG_0789-1.jpgMy name is Carla, and I am The Beer Babe. I’m a woman who loves beer (and learning about beer), and I have been writing beer reviews since 2007.

Origins: In 2007 I moved to a duplex that was in walking distance of a store that had a surprisingly large and frequently updated selection of beer (Smiley’s Beverage, Dover NH). Living with five other roommates meant that I could bring home a six pack of a beer that I’d never tried before, and we could sit around debating the relative merits of each beer.

We tried anything and everything that we could find, and kept a bottle from each of the beers we tried. After a year of doing this, we had collected a little over 100 bottles. But as we were packing them up to move out, we realized that there was very little that we remembered about each beer, and that we might have to try them all again to find the ones that we truly enjoyed. So as an organization tool and supplement to my own memory, I decided to write up my thoughts on the beers on a blog, and The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews was born.

I’ve now been writing the brew reviews for more than three years, and I’ve branched out considerably. I’ve started visiting brewpubs, beer bars and breweries and writing up my “Beer Adventures.”  interviewee and consultant for may different beer sites, projects and events.

To learn more about me and my philosophies on beer, you can check out any of these great sites that have featured, mentioned, or videotaped me talking about beer below!

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February 2009 – I was interviewed by Hereforthebeer.com and I talk a little bit about my philosophy on women and beer.

August 2009 – I attended New Hampshire Public Television’s first annual “Passport NH” beer pairing event. I was thrilled to attend, and was interviewed and featured in a promotional video for it.September 2010 – For the second annual NHPTV’s Passport event, I was caught on camera and got on the Shortstream TV “Monday Morning Show.”