Anheuser Busch, Miller/Coors list ingredients

A few months ago, a food blogger going by the name of “The Food Babe” posted this article, called “The Shocking Ingredients in Beer.” It detailed the potentially dangerous and/or gross ingredients that could be in your beer – and highlighted the fact that the big brewing companies would not reveal their ingredients. Though most of the writer’s claims were misleading and were debunked (see this for my favorite response) her efforts to get the brewers to reveal the “truth” has not waned. Less than two days after a recent petition lead by the food blogger, got over 44,000 signatures, both companies have released their beer’s ingredients – and they’re decidedly not shocking.


  • Budweiser: Water, barley malt, rice, yeast and hops
  • Bud Lite: Water, barley malt, rice yeast and hops


  • Coors Light: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Miller Lite: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Miller High Life: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Keystone Light: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Blue Moon Belgian White: Water, barley malt, wheat, oats, yeast, hops, orange peel and coriander
  • Coors Banquet: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Miller Genuine Draft: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops
  • Miller Fortune: Water, barley malt, corn, yeast and hops

Yep. A-B uses rice as an adjunct, Miller/Coors uses corn (and it’s a liquid-based corn additive, but it’s not high fructose corn syrup, so there’s that). There’s nothing frightening, unknown or new about this, other than that a fear-mongering article forced these companies to disclose their ingredients and that it puts to rest the speculation about most things. According to WaterSoftenerGuide.com, the best beer starts from the best water, I’m curious to know what filtration is used at the very beggining of the beer making process.

Here’s the big bottom line here. As much as we like to demonize big brewers and big food industries, here’s the simple truth – it’s still beer. While it is good to be an informed consumer, being an educated one is better than being one spreading misinformation. I am sure that this will probably not be end of the line for people applying this type of pressure, but I have to give the big guys credit for simply complying and saying, “Yep, here you go.”


  • Bill Artz

    High fructose corn syrup is a mixture of two natural occurring sugars, fructose and glucose in roughly equal concentrations (as is honey, as are the main sugars in grape juice and several other fruit juices). The absence of an understanding of the food chemistry behind a food component does not make it dangerous, and natural does not make something safe or unsafe (rattle snakes are natural, as is the ebola virus, the bubonic plague, tornadoes, and tsunamis). Hop extracts are concentrated mixtures of alpha-humulones, the main bittering compound(s) (actually a mix of several similar compounds) in hops (which are converted to iso-alpha-humulones during the kettle boil stage). The humulones can be extracted from hops with pressurized carbon dioxide, natural effervescence, to make a concentrated extract. It provides large brewers with better control of the exact bitterness of their beer, but it is more expensive, so small brewers do not use the product. Beverages or food products that contain alcohol have narrowly defined “standards of identify” and only a very few, specifically listed, things can be added. That information is published and available to the public in the Code of Federal Regulations. It should be available online.

  • Rob

    Hi, I’m sorry but a lot of your information is not accurate. Most dealing with which beers have corn and which have rice.


    Is it true that they use crushed bugs to color the beer? Why is it every product has to list ingredients and alcohol does not? Don’t we have the right to know ? What are they hiding ? May be, That they are using hops extract or using rice or corn. what else are they hiding ? It’s time to insist that the fda quit cowering to lobbyists, corporate, big money, AND ESPEACIALLY THE GOVERMENT. WERE GETTING TIRED OF GOVERMENT COVER UPS

  • Will Willows

    “Yep, here you go”. Really? Credit for disclosure? Please. German labels have to show everything in the bottle. Not the USA where the FDA is a lame rubber stamp for any big company. Doesn’t mean people won’t drink it, we just want to know. It is still going to be swill. But what’s in it.

  • Oskar

    Clearly you are somewhat gullible. They use other ingredients. For example, carrageenan is used to clarify beer, and it is used in wine industry as well. I actually wrote to several manufacturers and asked specifically if carrageenan is used, and they said ‘Yep’ – in writing! (I care about carrageenan because I am allergic to it and kept having problems with drinking beer. Much better since I stopped…)

    So, ‘Yep, here you go’ for the depth of your investigative effort. Sorry, can’t just take their word for it. What are you, 12?


    • mary

      thank you, I am trying to clear carrageenan from mine and mothers diets, she is battling colon cancer.

  • Aaron

    There is no way those are the only ingrediants, even a newbie hombrewer adds clarifying agents like irish moss to their beer. No water salt additions? No clairifaction agents? Also, high life doesn’t use whole hops they use some crazy hop extract…