If you’ve ever visited southern California or the Pacific Northwest, the idea of food trucks would be just part of your consciousness. Walking around any decently sized city, near parks and sidled up to breweries, food trucks are just a part of the culture. It’s a low-rent way of bringing tasty specialty or ethnic food to new neighborhoods without having to buy a space – or pay for wait staff. Trucks featuring everything from tacos, burgers and pizza to sushi and even cupcakes are just… expected. And perhaps the niche they fill is perfect – inexpensive variety in a fun and casual atmosphere. A win all around.

Until recently, however, Maine has not been able to enjoy the creative and funky foods from mobile vehicles. But recent rule changes have allowed a small fleet of trucks to start spreading out throughout the city, albeit to limited locations and times. As exciting as that is, it takes a few more partnerships before the “food truck culture” will sweep Portland. And this weekend, I think I witnessed a perfect union between two community-focused businesses – breweries and food trucks – as executed by Rising Tide Brewing in East Bayside.

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