For this Feature Friday, I transport you to Bemidji (buh-midge-ee) Minnesota for a planned brewery that’s more than just a great way to get rid of pesky tiles in scrabble (were proper names actually allowed to be played). The Bemidji Brewing Company (BBC) aims to put a dent in the low breweries-per-capita statistic for their state and bring great craft beer to Northern Minnesota.

I have never been to Minnesota personally, but these guys sound like their passions are trying to reach out for an unmet need in their community – great craft beer. The $15,000 they are looking to raise by January 23rd is to begin their pilot brewery, to get themselves established and poised to grow.

“A pilot brewing system is the first step towards our larger goal of providing Bemidji and Northern Minnesota with fresh, local craft beer.”

Now, for those tired of the same old rewards (I mean, how many pint glasses can I own?) these guys have also gotten creative. You can get cool fishing-lure inspired bottle openers, vintage tees and even a custom beer journal. Sounds really, really cool and a little bit off kilter, which is a spirit I always like to see.

Visit BBC’s Kickstarter page here for more info.

Also, to see the type of creativity they bring to the table, check out their update about a public event they held “Beer Beyond Taste” that encouraged and educated beer drinkers to use all of their senses to experience craft beer craft beer.

Photo from Bemidji Brewing Company's Kickstarter Site.

I’ve sent them a few bucks (remember that unless they are successfully funded, the money does not change hands – and won’t be debited from your account until the fundraising period ends) and hope that you will check them out for yourselves.

Kickstarter funding updates:
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Lew has an uphill battle ahead of him, and if you haven’t read about his attempt to star in a TV show about beer, then you’ve missed out. Over $4,000 has been raised, but he’ll need a big push from the beer community to hit his $60K goal. Thanks for spreading the word!