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For this week’s Feature Friday, I give you “Beer Ipsum” a website that generates fake text suitable for layouts and mockups, with a twist.

If you’re not a graphic designer or into layout, you might not be familiar with “Lorem ipsum” text. Adapted and modified from Latin, this faked text is used as a placeholder when you’re designing something, so that people can evaluate the layout, instead of focusing on what is being said. (Very useful, by the way, and easier than writing “blah blah blah” throughout a document).

Normal Lorem ipsum:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris in enim nec nunc tincidunt adipiscing. Etiam sit amet lectus enim. Phasellus ornare rhoncus velit id cursus. Duis vitae tempor ante. In vitae orci at lacus dictum dapibus ornare at risus. Sed sit amet mattis est. Mauris faucibus condimentum dolor sed faucibus.

Recently, there have been a few variations on this theme, and several “ipsum” generators have been showing up. There’s Baconipsum, Veggieipsum, and several more that are tongue-and-cheek but serve the same purpose.

Finally, and most applicably, there is “Beer Ipsum” ( that generates beer-related text for your placeholders.

Beer Ipsum:

Hop Back Salamanzar Chill Haze Chill Haze Crystal malt, Racking. Stick, Oxidized Kilderkin Biere de garde. Nebuchadnezzar Mead Flute Double Magnum Amber, ” Draugh Wort Wort Chiller Mug.” Pub glass Bottle Conditioning Oxidized Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol. Brew Kettle Grist Ale Aroma Hops Bottom-fermenting Yeast Ale Noble Hops Aroma Hops Brewhouse, Hydrometer.

So, hope you can find many fun and interesting uses for this little tool. Cheers.


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  1. Sadly, appears to be no more.

    However, beer ipsum is currently (Nov. 2015) available at:

  2. Sort of cool. Sort of fun. I’m going to add some to my blog. Why? Because I can.

    Thanks for pointing out the site.

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