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Leave no beer Untappd

Alright, I admit it. I’m one of those people constantly fiddling with on their smart phone in a beer bar. But I’m not texting random people who aren’t at the bar, I’m not watching sports on a tiny screen and I’m not playing angry birds. I’m “Untapping” and proud of it.

I’ve said a few times in various interviews and posts that I can’t remember anything, and that the reason this whole blog existed in the first place was to record what craft beers I’ve tried and what I thought of them. Well, now you can do that. Easily. Quickly. From anywhere.

Untappd, formerly a mobile website and now a native app (one you actually run on your phone) is a place where you can “check in” to beers that you’re enjoying. You can tag the location, give it a rating, write a comment, and even have it post to Twitter or include a picture. You can also see what others (your friends) are checking into, and give them a toast or a comment. Even better (though it sounds silly) it keeps track of how many unique beers you’ve tried, and gives you badges, if, say, you have more than 5 beers in an airport (Layover) or try a bunch of different heffeweizens (Heffenista).

If you don’t have the app yet, you can get it for either the iPhone or Android – and the mobile web version is still open for everyone else. You can find my posts on there as “thebeerbabe” – and I’ll occasionally post my check-ins on Twitter, too, though I do that judiciously as to not overwhelm my followers with it.



Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyner – Schneider Hopfen-Weisse


Bull Jagger – Portland Lager


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  2. Thanks for your effort for posting “Leave no beer Untappd”.
    I reallymay absolutely end up being back again for alot more browsing and
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  3. I LOVE this app!! And yes, I always have my phone out at the bar, to enter my beers 🙂 And take pictures, of course.

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