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Brooklyn Brewery – Brooklyner – Schneider Hopfen-Weisse

And the winner for the beer with the most syllables in its name is: Brooklyner Schneider Hopfen Weiss.

When I started getting into craft beer, I used to adore hefeweizens and weiss beers. I fell in love with a special edition “Schmiddy’s Weiss” from Red Hook. The banana and clove notes used to just tickle my nose with anticipation.

These days, I don’t often have an opportunity to enjoy german-style wheat beers. They’ve just fallen out of my regular rotation. This is a pretty regular find around here, and there are two versions: the Brooklyner Schneider and the Schneider Brooklyner. The collaborative brew was brewed at each of the breweries, and was slightly different at each version. This is the “Brooklyner” version so was brewed by Brooklyn Brewery.

It pours out slightly cloudy, a nice yellow to light orange hue. The head is foamy and wonderfully springy – it takes a few moments to be poured into a tall hefeweizen glass. The aroma on it is actually slightly like bubblegum, and honestly, until this beer I used to hate it when beers were described that way, but hey, its kinda true. There is some of the banana like notes, but not as strong as some other beers of the style I’ve had back in the day. It is not particularly hoppy and is overall mild but inviting with definite hints of yeast.

The taste has a lot of hoppiness to it, that I wasn’t expecting. The bitterness plays with the yeastiness well, and it isn’t made heavier by an excess of malt – it is just well balanced. The breadiness and hoppiness together are pretty awesome – and it has a really clean taste to it. I can’t help just sipping and sipping it. The hops are kind of citrusy, and I think that works really well too. At 8.5% ABV, it isn’t a lightweight, but you aren’t hit by this being a strong brew – so be careful, it might sneak up on you.

As a graphic design aside, I think that Brooklyn’s marketers are just awesome. This is a beautiful bottle, with the neck and bottle label edged in gold, with a gold hop design on the top and the classic brooklyn “B” in the center. If you’ve seen this bottle, admired it and walked past it, it’s time to pick it up and bring it home.


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