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Portland to Portland

12:30 am, Portland, ME : Stepping onto my front step, I felt the sea air of my Portland – laden with warmth and moisture – greet me, and simultaneously bid me farewell. I walked the few steps to my car in silence, still a little in denial about the trip ahead. Do I have everything? Will my beer survive the journey? Will I be able to participate in today’s activities considering the “all nighter” I’m about to pull? Time will tell. I hoisted my suitcase into my car and drove off into the night air.

“Say goodbye know it’s true, I know you’re leaving me, but you know it too…”

2:50 am, Portsmouth, NH: I smile as I tell the bus attendant which airline I am flying, and cling protectively to my boarding documents. There was no sleep to be had in the terminal, so I decided to wait for the relatively increased comfort of the bus to lull me into dreamland. The bus is half full, even at 3am. I wonder where their adventures are taking them.

4:15 am, Boston, MA: I wake up with a start, seemingly only minutes after my head hit the chair and I was out. Now I am awake, and fumbling to get my fingers and body to obey my early-morning commands. I see a faint light on the horizon. Pre-dawn.

“waitin’ on a train…feelin near as faded as my jeans..”

6:02 am, Boston, MA: I make my way to the back of the plane that will take me to the other coast. An adorable Korean 6 year old sits next to me, beaming as she figures out how to buckle and unbuckle her seatbelt. “It’s an alligator!” she exclaims while opening and closing the clip. I smile.

9:41 am, Somewhere over the Midwest: I awake from sleep that’s made my neck feel like it has a permanent bend in it, and I open the window halfway and watch the sun start to light up the clouds. I catch my reflection and realize that my hair looks like hell but I laugh. I am getting an opportunity to see old friends and new friends and if they are concerned about my travel-worn appearance, I’d be seriously surprised. This is an adventure after all.

“I’m flying over back roads, country homes and ranches, watching life between the branches below…”

3:10 pm, Portland, OR: Flying over golden hills, the plane gently touches down in Portland, Oregon. Can’t wait for the adventure ahead.

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  • Jeff Alworth

    We did this in reverse a couple months back. Left PDX at 4am local time (1am Portland, ME time) and arrived I think around noon in Maine. We were eating lunch in O’Hare at nine am local time.

    But still, it’s cool to say you went Portland to Portland.

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