Tonight is the eve of a week of constant blogging. So, to celebrate, I decided to write a blog post.

After visiting Hampton Falls Village Market (Hampton Falls, NH) and finding it to be an extremely underrated craft beer mecca, I decided to pick up a few things I’d never seen distributed in New Hampshire or Maine. So that’s how a bottle of Firestore Walker Double Jack ended up in my fridge.

I poured it and immediately regretted not enjoying it during #IPAday – the hop aroma met me the second I uncapped the bottle. Strongly piny and with a lot of maltiness, this even has a whiff of a vanilla flavor. Brilliantly amber in color, it is beautiful to behold and to smell, but what’s the fun in looking at it if you can’t take a sip?

I tasted it and was surprised at how smoothly it went down. It has a lot of depth, and has a fairly thick mouthfeel, and the bitterness is strong and assertive. It’s the type of beer you wouldn’t give someone who was trepidatious about hops. It is big and bold, but goes down easily. It doesn’t have the hops bite that stings the back of the tongue and the sides of the mouth, but it does leave your mouth coated with a nice hopiness.

I would definitely recommend this brew, and I’m happy to say that it is available in New Hampshire, though I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this California-based brewery in Maine.

A note – I will be blogging every day from now until after the beer blogger’s conference. Yes, really. I have a lot that I have been saving to talk about, and I can’t wait to share it (and the conference experience) with you all.