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Last week two points of controversy erupted regarding women and beer. The debate once again flared up about women’s beer tastes, marketing towards women, and gender-offensive labeling of craft and non-craft beer. I’ve been writing about this for some time now, but the very same day I was disheartened by finding a new beer “marketed specifically towards women” I also found something that made my heart soar with pride – a movie about women and craft beer.

I have been seeking and hoping for more “normal” images of women enjoying, brewing, and talking about their love of craft beer for a while now. “I am a craft beer drinker” accomplished that by keeping a pretty even gender ratio within its declaration. But there’s been little in the mainstream media to keep women’s place in craft beer a normal thing to see.

I admit, probably because I’m on the East Coast, I didn’t hear about this movie’s development until just before it is to be released. The Love of Beer is a documentary about women in the beer industry in Portland, OR, and will be released during PDX Beer Week (coincidentally the same weekend as the beer blogger’s conference…). I have not seen the movie, but the trailer gives me great hope.

The Love of Beer from Lingering Illocutions on Vimeo.

I sincerely hope that I can make it to the Beer Bloggers Conference this year (wanna help that happen?) so that I can meet someone of the women responsible for this, as well as re-affirm that we (women) are not alone as craft beer lovers!

As for anyone not in the Portland, OR area – there is information about how you can find this documentary online at their website ( and facebook page.



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  1. Mike S.

    I look forward to seeing this movie, and respect the multi-century heritage of women in brewing worldwide, and their contributions to craft brewing in the USA. Most women beer drinkers I know (quite a few) appreciate beers in all their forms-from West Coast (D)IPA’s to Radler/Shandy style lagers…and everything in-between. The sooner the majority of Americans, men and women, can/will understand that beer (yes, even the “Lite’ and fruit styles) is a taste, not gender or marketing driven choice the sooner we will all be better off. Long live the craft beer revolution and the women, and men that make it happen!

  2. “The Love of Beer” will premier on August 20th, so you’ll be able to attend the screening if you’re planning to be at the Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland. As a beer blogger from Portland, I can tell you that there’s a lot of excitement around this film — and there has been for the couple years that Alison Grayson has been shooting and producing it. I too am looking forward to this, and hope it’s viewed by many within and outside of the beer community.

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