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Double Review! Red Hook – Pilsner & Wit

I’ve recently been able to try several of Red Hook’s new releases, starting with the Mud Slinger brown ale (which I, regrettably, did not write up for the blog) followed by the Pilsner and the Wit. I have two quick reviews of the Pilsner and the Wit, which are sure to be around everywhere this summer.

Before I review either of these, I should mention that Redhook has recently changed their packaging. And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

What they have changed to are “stubbies” – retro feeling short and stout (and let’s be honest, kind of ugly) bottles. Now, upon seeing these, I immediately thought of my Grandfather when I saw these. He used to drink something… Labbat’s perhaps… in these style bottles. So, they feel old to me, and I am not sure if that’s really the connotation they’re looking for.

Redhook Pilsner:
The bottles aside, I also don’t drink a whole lot of Pilsners, but I do like then when I get them. This one has a very characteristic big-bubble head and high carbonation, the little bubbles leaping out the head and clinging prettily to the side of the glass. The taste is dry, yet sweet. It has a great sheeting effect as you drink it – the suds stay on the side of the glass in nice pretty sheets. The sweetness is not fruity, but just subtle enough to be very enjoyable. The mouthfeel is light, and it is definitely refreshing. Not much hop taste, but a nice crispness. I approve.

Redhook Wit:
Ok, so before this, I didn’t know Redhook made a Wit. It’s either new or I haven’t heard of it. When I tried to look it up on their website it says the website is changing, so I’ll skip the origin/history of this beer for now. It is a cloudy straw color, and has a subtle orange and banana aroma. The taste is sweet but not cloying, and it is spiced without being overdone. I wish there was a little bit more of the clove-ish flavors in there, or something to make it a tad thicker, but I like it. The bottom line, I think, is that if you’re expecting this to be really really complex, you’ll be let down, but if you’re looking for something to replace Blue Moon, you’re in luck.


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  1. Zafra

    Just bought a 6-pack of wit, just because I never knew they made one. The bottle says seasonal and I don’t remember seeing it last year, so maybe it is new. Found your website by trying to look up anything about it. I agree on the taste. It’s good, but nothing to brag about. The bottle says it’s made with ginger, but I can barely taste it. Definitely doesn’t hold a candle to my favorite wits.

  2. Thanks for the honest review. The pilsner doesn’t sound like it’d be up my alley, but the wit might work on a hot summer day. Glad I found your blog!

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