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What’s Your Beer Theory?

This week’s “Feature Friday” comes from Hagan Blount (of the soon to be launched I Taste Your Beer, website) and also has a great write-up from Julia Herz on It’s a great collaboration of short interviews filmed at the Beer Bloggers Conference in November, the bloggers answer the question, “What’s your beer theory?”

The video includes many great beer bloggers that I had the pleasure of meeting at the conference and it’s great to hear so many of their voices. I think the whole thing gives a great snapshot into the beer blogging community – and to the diversity of opinions about what makes great beer and what makes the craft beer community so interesting.

My Beer Theory from I Taste Your Beer on Vimeo.

After watching, I highly encourage you to leave a comment about what your own “beer theory” is.



Southern Tier Krampus (Imperial Helles Lager)


Middle Ages Brewing Company – Double Wench


  1. Chase

    I like this video. It feels like genuine, unscripted, unvarnished truth from people who dig good beer. it’s cool.

  2. My theory is that there is a beer for everyone. I know someone said it in the video but I forget who, but I totally agree. It’s too easy to say beer isn’t for everyone because there are a lot more varieties than the ones you see at your grocery store and sports bar. Once you get our of your comfort zone there is a beer for you!

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