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What does a fledgling craft beer enthusiast, brewer or novice beer drinker need to “tap in” to the craft beer-drinking community? A site filled with hundreds of like-minded and welcoming people!

While twitter and other online communities are now more commonplace, that wasn’t always the case. When I first started exploring craft beer, one of the community sites that I hung around the most and highly influenced me was “The Aleuminati – The (not so) secret society of better beer drinkers.”

The Aleuminati is a Ning-based social networking site, and has more than 1,300 members who share photos, write blogs, post videos, and probably most helpfully, post thoughtfully in the site’s forums. The environment on the site and the members in it are extremely welcoming and friendly, inquisitive and supportive. I felt immediately like I was part of the group, and made more than a few friends there. I still think this is a great place to meet some great online beer-loving folks and read some ecclectic and interesting content. Check it out!

Check out “The Aleuminati” at :


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  1. Hey thanks! You know the Aleuminati welcomes you anytime. Cheers!

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