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For this Feature Friday, I’m pleased to announce a fun new project by Hagan Blount, a fellow beer blogger I had the pleasure to meet at the Beer Bloggers Conference. The “What’s Your Beer Theory” video (featured a few weeks ago) was also his creation.

His newest project is a website called, in which he features a new beer each day. Hagan says, “I Taste Your Beer is a website designed to promote beers from breweries who don’t have large and expansive advertising budgets that focuses on creating unparalleled beer content.”

His creative and interesting explorations of beer are given thorough a social media campaign: an HD video, a blog post, professional photos, and internet blasts targeting electronically engaged brewthusiasts nationwide and beyond.

Combining this passion and a background in social sharing and content creation, officially launches on February 1st, 2011. The first month and a half is already sold out and beers are arriving at his doorstep! Brewers pay a fee to have their beer spotlighted, but in a very professional and creative way – with style.

Erik Boles of awesome beer guy and a really fun show) said of Hagan and the site, “The beer-a-day concept has been done, but he’s smarter about the way he’s going about it – definitely impressed by this site. He’s not just your amateur, grab-your-camera-point-and-shoot videographer – you’re going to see a lot of great videos from Hagan over the next year.”

beer calendar

A full beer calendar is sure a fun problem to have.

Something that both brewers and viewers will appreciate is that there’s no infomercial-like recommendation or review; carries just the facts. The distinct bonus to brewers is that the daily video is published on a network that reaches 200,000 beer-loving eyeballs including here at The Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews, BrewsTravelers, and GirlsPintOut, among others.

I encourage you to check out the site, and to keep your eyes peeled for the iTasteYourBeer videos to appear on the sidebar of this page. They are very well done, and should serve as a great example l for anyone interested in beer videography.



Sierra Nevada – 30th Anniversary Ale (Jack & Ken’s Ale)


Baxter Brewing Co. – Pamola Xtra Pale Ale

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