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Ithaca Beer Co. – Apricot Wheat

I also picked this one up at Wegmans in Dewitt, as well. (This may become a theme in the next few weeks. There’s a lot of beer waiting to be tasted).

On my first relaxing evening in a long time, I decided to open up the fridge and pull out something fun. Not willing to break into something really heavy or high in alcohol, I pawed through the bottles and saw the Apricot Wheat beer from Ithaca Brewing.

It pours a great golden color with an-almost pilsner like behavior – lots of swirling effervescence and a nice springy head. I was happy that a sweet aroma of apricots wafted up to my nose before even taking a sip. The full nose is very sweet, not a lot of wheat there that I can pick up.

Then, I tasted it. To anyone looking for something subtly apricot (like a Magic Hat #9), you will not be happy with this beer. For someone looking for a great flavor to complement things like bleu cheese, walnuts and a great salad, you’re in luck. This beer has a lot to offer, and is very strongly flavored. However, I like it a lot – mostly for its unapologetic apricot taste. I think it’s great fodder for pairing, could be enjoyed with something sweet or savory, and defies the seasons. I’m drinking this in December – and I’m thinking about figs and pears. But this could equally be enjoyed in the heat of summer. Nice job, Ithaca! I’m looking forward to trying a few more brews from these guys if I can get a hold of them.


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  1. louise

    With so many varied beers to choose from in Ithaca, NY, it’s gratifying knowing that this is probably the local citizenry’s most favorite of IBC’s beers. I say gratifying as it’s my fave, too.

  2. Judson Strausberg

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  3. This is probably one of my most favorite beers. Love the taste and it’s very flavorful on a nice fall day in Central NY.

  4. Wow, that sounds great. If I ever see it (maybe when I’m up north somewhere) I’ll have to pick it up!

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