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Happy New Year’s all! For the first “Feature Friday” post I want to point all you soon-to-be-revellers to a very useful website. I wrote an article a little while back about the myth that having one beer is the same as having a shot of liquor or glass of wine in alcohol content, and how craft beer drinkers need to be aware of the ABVs of the brews they’re drinking when out and about. It’s important to stay safe, and knowledge is really your best defense.

So today’s tool comes from the really useful resource of (run by the Brewers Association). There is a page on this site that is a craft beer ABV to BAC calculator – meaning that you can put in a few variables and find out what your estimated Blood Alcohol Content would be after consuming a few, say 9% ABV craft beers at New Years. After you’ve imput a few scenarios it’s pretty easy to figure out in your head, but it’s really fun to play with. Check it out and Happy New Years!

Craft Beer Blood Alcohol Calculator

Craft Beer Blood Alcohol Calculator

Craft Beer Blood Alcohol Calculator:
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To read the original Hop Pressarticle: The Beer Babe does the math – what craft ABV %s can mean for drinking and driving


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  1. Wow, that’s a really clever way of thnniikg about it!

  2. Well, I’m a little late to the party (only 4 years..) but that has its perks! I was checking out the beer calculator you referenced and wanted to let you know that I have one that is much newer; which means more bells and whistles. I linked to it in the post.

    I find it super handy because I have a hard time judging how many beers I can have since they vary in ABV%.


  3. Joe

    The information on this site seems much lower than other bac calculators. I wonder if its accurate. For example a 16oz 9.5abv beer on this site estimates my bac at .039, while on other sites like beer tutor its .0548. Pretty significant difference!!

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