No, the sky isn’t falling but I might fall to pieces if I don’t tell you about this opportunity.

The guys over at BeerTapTV got a hold of a bottle of “End of History” nestled inside a stoat. This taxidermied bottle sold on the market for $700+ and very few were bottled. It is also the highest ABV beer in history and quite possibly the most extreme beer out there. Why I am I telling you this?

End of History - beers stuffed in small woodland creatures

Brew Dog's - End of History - beer stuffed in small woodland creatures

Because at the Beer Bloggers Conference this weekend, I have a chance to win a taste of End of History. That’s right, there’s a contest and I need your support! I created a super-short video for folks to vote on, and I would be extremely grateful if you stopped by and voted for it on my behalf. The winner gets to sample End of History live on BeerTapTV – and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.

The video appears below, but remember, you have to go BeerTapTV’s website in order to vote!

Thanks –
The Beer Babe