When visiting the now epic craft beer section of Wegmans in my hometown of Dewitt, NY I took the opportunity that they offered to create a “mixed six” pack of beer (well, ok, I made 3 six packs). This one was from a brewery that I have never heard of – Sackets Harbor Brewing – from Sackets Harbor NY, a coastal town on the shore of Lake Ontario near Watertown. I bet they get a lot of snow there.

The brew I chose was the “War of 1812 Amber.” Poking around their website I found that they also make a Light version of this brew, so I think that the aim of their brewery may be to make good local session brews. I think that’s a pretty good fit for upstate NY – there’s been a long standing appreciation for local beer for quite a while (since the heydays of Matt Brewing and Utica Club beer).

It is described on the website as:

5.2% ABV Awarded a Silver Medal in the World Beer Championships in the Amber Ale category for 1998, this is our flagship ale. It has a nutty malt flavor which is balanced by a citris hop flavor and a classic ale fruitiness. We distribute this ale on draft and in bottles throughout Northern & Central New York.

It pours a really nice clear amber color, and has the kind of head that forms with big bubbles and fades quickly, but brings a lot of aroma up as it bubbles. It smells nutty and fruity, and very inviting. I took a sip and the first thing I thought was that it was thin. It didn’t have the body of some of the heavier beers I’ve been drinking as of late, but then I paused. For the style, it really doesn’t need to. I found myself, instead, taking several gulps of this beer each time that I went to sip it.

I could definitely drink this during the summer. It has a nice fruitness to it, and a classic nutty malt. It’s very smooth, and has a bit of a lingering taste that makes you want more of it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a brew to be their good “drinking beer” (which is my way of saying, keep a six pack of this around for whenever, and enjoy it without needing a special occasion or having to think about drinking it.