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5 Beers to Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner – Local Edition

To continue with a long-standing tradition here at The Beer Babe, I want to offer you my thoughts on five beers that you could bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Not for sophisticated pairing reasons, but a variety of thoughts on what would make good conversation, an interesting meal and beers to bring people together, we even got a little Microwave cart with storage running around during dinner to reheat things. I decided that this year I would offer up something slightly different – a more locally-focused list that tags some of my favorite brews of the year that would go very well with this meal.

1. Maine Beer Co – Spring Peeper – Most of you by now know my high opinion of this beer, but I think that it would make a great addition to the Thanksgiving lineup. Not too heavy, not too overwhelming in its flavor, this would be a good one to have with a cheese course or appetizers while the meal is being prepared in the kitchen. It’s nice and aromatic, too, so it’ll get you in the mood for the other brews ahead.

2. Sebago Brewing Co – Local Harvest – Though this is an IPA, it won’t tarnish your tastebuds like some others, and has a great flavor and character to it. A nice follow-on beer to the Peeper, this one amps up the flavor just a little bit in anticipation of the meal.

3. Sheepscott Brewing Co – Pemaquid Ale– A seldom mentioned brew that could do a lot if given the chance. The nice nuttiness of the malts and the smooth taste would make any of the earthy thanksgiving dishes go down quite well, and I would love to try this with some sweet potatoes.

4. Allagash – Black – Wait, not White to go with the turkey? I dare you to check this one out. The Allagash Black, though on the pricier side of these brews, would be a great pairing for some of the hearter dishes in the meal. Not overwhelmingly heavy but full of flavor, I think this one is worth a go for either dinner or dessert.

5. Unibroue – Quelque Chose – This offering from Quebec is entirely different than most beers you’ve probably had. A strong ale with cherries, this one pours the color of red wine and smells like dark cherries. This would go great, I think, with the main course or with many sides, including stuffing and even mashed potatoes. This can also be served hot, and may be a new winter staple for you if you give it a chance.

So, I present to you my picks. Agree? Disagree? Any glaring omissions? I’d be happy to read them if you leave them in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving and safe journeys if you are traveling!

-The Beer Babe


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  1. Love the Peeper. Have a bottle of Black to try – but I typically love Allagash. But the Quelque Chose – just didn’t like it at all.

    If you like Stouts then Bar Harbor Brewing Cadillac Mountain Stout is a great local one.

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