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Green Flash – Stout

I received a few Green Flash beers in a trade (Thanks Heather!) and I was delighted to see that in addition to Le Freak (which is creeping up my list of favorite beers) that there were a few others in the box. One of which was creatively named…. “Stout”

With this no-nonsense attitude towards the name I hoped that it would also be a very down to earth beer. It pours out with a nice sturdy head… dark, opaque and slightly viscous. The smell is very chocolate- the kind of smell you want on one of those first New England fall cold snaps. Reminds me of winter and trying to keep warm.

The taste (which only gets better as it warms) coats the tongue with almost a gooey chocolate taste – the malts here are slightly smoky but very smooth. The carbonation is low enough to allow for it to really taste like silk. This is a very high quality stout, and I think it would be a shame to pass this one up because it doesn’t have a cute name or fancy label. I noticed that Green Flash is distributing out in my neck of the woods, and I’d say that this is a great example of a stout that’s not bitter but just plain good – it has a hint of sweetness, a hint of depth, and is very easy to drink.

This is my first stout review of fall, and I’m glad to start off on such a strong note. Cheers!


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  1. Heather

    So glad you enjoyed it! It’s my favorite of theirs, and that’s saying something.

    I’m still over the moon about the Portsmouth Baltic Porter, btw 🙂

  2. I love Green Flash! Such a great San Diego brewery, got to try Le Freak at GABF…so good. If you’re ever in San Diego, you should definitely check them out, especially since they just moved their brewery down the road from Alesmith and Ballast Point. You definitely wouldn’t be short of delicious straight from the brewer’s tap beer that’s for sure.

    Since this was your first Fall stout, and a wise choice I might add, what do you have on your radar that you plan on reviewing?

  3. B

    Great review! I saw it at a beer store in Western MA this weekend and almost grabbed it. Next time. Are you coming to the NHBrewfest this weekend?


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