While many of my fellow beer lovers and bloggers enjoyed the revelries of GABF, I was driving down I95 to Boston, MA for a different kind of beer event. I had the occasion to meet several other craft beer enthusiasts at a beer “tweet up” – hosted by beer blogger, Josh who writes “Lost in the Beer Aisle.” For those not familiar with the term, a “tweet up” is where you meet people you’ve been talking to on twitter. And in my case, there are a lot of people that I’ve gotten to know online and wanted to meet in person (something I didn’t expect when joining the beer blogging world). I’ve been invited to these “beerups” before, but hadn’t been able to make my schedule fit. They told me in graduate school that it’s all about “networking” and until recently, I didn’t really know what that meant.

LIBA Craft Beer Tweetup

For those not using twitter, it may be hard to imagine what on earth beer lovers would use twitter for. After all, who wants to hear a bunch of people talking about what they’re drinking – oh, wait – we do. Its the virtual equivalent of meeting people in line at a beer festival, or sitting down at the bar. I can ask them what they’re drinking, their opinion, or just sit and listen to what everyone seems to be talking about.

I connect on twitter to a lot of people – craft beer enthusiasts, beer bloggers, and brewers themselves. Everyone wants to hear what the newest buzz is – and twitter is a great snapshot into a moment of global time. Similar to asking for a recommendation as to what to drink from friends, twitter is full of opinion-givers, recommenders, and generally inquisitive folks. Not using twitter? Try it out. It’s a lot of fun to be on the edge of what’s going on in the beer world.

At the #beerup, I got to meet a few people I’ve known online for some time (including Josh from Lost in the Beer Aisle) and reunited with a few that I run into from time to time. The most fun, though, was meeting new people – including someone opening a brewery soon in Massachusetts (awesome to get the “scoop” on that!). While I admit I am not the most socially forward person in the world – this was fun. A room full of geeks drinking beer, talking beer, and generally sharing waht’s new with them. I would definitely attend another one. Maybe not being able to go to GABF worked out in my favor after all.

(a nice slideshow of pics from the event is available on Josh’s site here: