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Have you ever wanted to be part of making someone’s dream happen? How about the satisfaction of supporting a beer blogger in pursuit of the ultimate beer-geek endeavor – opening a brewery.

Well, Erik Meyers (of TopFermented, a great beer blog) is doing just that, and he’s raising capital for his brewery in an innovative way. By using “Kickstart,” he’s soliciting pledges to startup a brewery. The interesting part is that he has a goal (in this case $40,000) that he must meet by a certain date, and if he doesn’t raise enough money, you aren’t charged for your donation. This keeps both the investor safe, and means that there’s a really good chance that individuals just like you and I can pitch in a little bit to get going. The minimum contribution amount is only $5.00, so I encourage you to check out Mystery Brewing and see if you’d like to help. You can also see Mystery Brewing’s progress to their goal on the sidebar of my site.

To contribute to Mystery Brewing’s startup goal or for more information, click here.



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  1. This is awesome that he was funded. I was looking at this exact website to find funding for my upstart nano brewery as well!


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