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The DeCapper is a unique bottle opener that opens the bottle by being placed on top of the bottle and pressing down. It’s a completely different shape then I’d ever seen – I received one of these an embarrassingly long time ago, and admittedly have neglected to review it, so with some outside help, here is the long-overdue write-up.

Part of my hesitation to review this gadget is that I couldn’t quite describe its function – so I enlisted some help. My guest reviewer, Mike Lauter (that’s his real name, by the way) is an engineer and very eloquently described the DeCapper’s correct function:

“It takes some getting used to, but works very well with a refined procedure. The first key is to make sure it is completely settled a deep as it can on the bottle. The second key is to use firm steady downward force to pry open the top. Too quickly will just bend the cap. If it does not open fully on the first press, simply rotate the De-Capper and press again.”

The DeCapper (right) compared to other bottle openers.

As for its internal workings, Mike couldn’t tell me without breaking it to find out, so I skipped that. I know it involves a spring. That’s about as specific as I can get.

Compared to other bottle openers, Mike had this to say:

“Its better than most keychain openers (which do a lot of bending but don’t always take the cap off), better than the church keys that are also not always effective. As long as you think for a second and apply the ‘correct procedure’ the DeCapper performs better than these styles. However, a well-dimensioned handled bottle opener still wins, if even by a small margin.”

I’d have to agree on all counts.

The DeCapper itself is available in many different styles to suit many interests or hobbies – but is definitely marketed towards sport and hunting fans (with football, moose, Labrador Retriever and shotgun cartridge shapes among the choices). I can easily see this fitting in many of the “man caves” out there – and basically it’s a must for anyone who drinks lots of beer and gets bored with the traditional church key.

Personally, I find the device to be fun, but a little ungainly. Mine is a stainless steel one, and it looks really spiffy sitting next to my stainless steel appliances. I’m not sure how I’d fare with some of the other shapes, though – it seems to need to be applied straight on, and I don’t know how you can apply steady and even pressure to a moose head.

If you have a beer fan in your life that’s “seen it all” this might be just the trick. Especially as that perfect addition to a man cave or sports bar. More info on this interesting beer gadget is available at


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  1. When all else fails here…just use your teeth! NOT do that! You’ll be visiting your dentist the next day if you do! 😉

    But @The Beer Babe,

    Did you really notice any possible difference with the way it turns your beer out other than it’s just a fund gadget to use for opening? No difference to the head, carbonation levels etc? Though I know it seems that some of these thoughts are virtually impossible 😉


    • Haven’t noticed that difference, but I would assume that the shock of the decapper might be different than that of a bottle opener. Any differences, though, would probably be negated by the actual pouring of the beer into a glass. Great question!

  2. I am always looking for new toys, and always looking for an opener. This would accomplish both. You can never have too many openers around!

  3. I’m a steadfast fan the traditional church key but I’ll try anything once! Heck if need be, I’ll even use the sixth opener featured in your picture (the edge of a bookshelf ;] )

    • Hehe. I’ve been an “edge” opener at times, too. Then I started buying real furniture and I figured I wanted not to ruin it 😉

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