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Dogfish Head – Wrath of Pecant

Brewed originally for the Extreme Beer Fest, this collaborative Dogfish brew was born from some pretty intense and crazy brainstorming. The Alstrom Brothers and Sam Calagione pitched ideas back and forth until their brew was born – a “brownish” ale featuring malts smoked with pecan wood, and some plantain flour and carob added in for good measure. Not being a huge plantain eater, myself, I wasn’t really sure what this would taste like. As for the (awesome) name, it was left up to fans to decide. “Wrath of Pecan” (a reference to Kirk’s infamous bellowing of “KAAAAAHN” in the “Wrath of Kahn”) was chosen by a fan. Unfortunatly – the name had to be changed at the last minute.

Sam does a pretty damn good job of describing what went into this beer in this video, so I’ll let him speak to its origins.

It pours a nice dark orange, and just sits in the glass with some nice aromas floating up. I got a little smoky aroma, a little bit of sweet/bready smell and even some sugars – maybe that’s the carob?

The taste is very interesting and I don’t think I’ve had anything like it (not that I expected it to be ordinary!). There is a smokiness here – but not an overpowering bacon note like some rauchbiers I’ve sampled. Its a smooth smokiness (if that makes any sense) backed with something almost thickening. It has a great malt character, and a really nice finish. I can’t pull out the plantains, particularly, but the carob may be providing the really nice sweetness that I’m getting. Brews like this are very difficult to describe because basically I have little to compare them to. Suffice it to say, I’m enjoying this thoroughly.

A very special thanks to @chuckularone for managing to get a bottle of this into my hands!


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  1. I remember chuckling when they chose the name. Now I’m even more curious about the taste! Good review.

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