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Sierra Nevada – Glissade

Not often that I pick up a beer and really don’t know what the name means. So I did a little quick research (thanks, Google).

Glissade: 1. A gliding step in ballet. 2. A controlled slide, in either a standing or sitting position, used in descending a steep icy or snowy incline.

Sierra Nevada Glissade

Sierra Nevada Glissade

Now that we’ve had our vocabulary lesson for the day I can only imagine what ballet has to do with the name of this beer. Ah I see, it references mention on the label of this being “remarkably mellow, sliding across the palate..” When I told people on twitter that I was going to open this one up, they immediately came back with “good choice!” so I felt confident upon opening the bottle.

I poured it into a normal glass, and admired its color. It is very transparent golden, and just a little on the orange side. A thin head lingers for quite a while and you can see the bubbles coming through it – much like how a pilsner acts in a glass that’s sitting on the table. The smell was of malts and some fruitiness. It smelled very light, and seemed like a perfect pair with the beautiful spring day that we had in Portland today.

Described as a “golden bock” this beer is supposedly a mellower take on the typically strong and bold bocks of springtime.  I was pleasantly surprised to taste a lot of nice nutty malts, some light hops in the background, and a really clean aftertaste. This is a beer that fills your mouth with a smooth flavor then disappears – but leaves you feeling refreshed and wanting another sip. Not thin or watery – just… light and smooth. I would drink this often if it were on tap at some of my favorite places with outdoor decks in the summertime. I could see myself sitting on a porch sipping this, or even drinking it at a baseball game. But of course, that’s a little wishful thinking since limited releases like this are very rarely found on tap at venues like that. But once you get the “spring bug” in your head, I recommend seeking this out – its worth finding for a true celebration of spring.


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  1. c todd

    The second definition is the one that Sierra wanted you to use… Sierra as in a high rugged mountain range…. Glissade is a method use to traverse snow fields often breaking climbing routes in the spring. Thus Glissade is a perfect name for a spring seasonal beer and is absolutely one of the best beers to reward yourself after a weekend of backpacking.

  2. Thanks for the definition.

    I was a little puzzled by the name as well. However, when it comes to a new beer, I buy it and try it. The name doesn’t mean that much to me.

    I have yet to try it, but I bought a bottle of it, and plan to crack it open this weekend. I read your review, and I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.


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