heavy_seas_sirenYeah, maybe I bought it because the label was written in Pirate font. And featured a skull and crossbones, and at heart, I’m just the type of gal that likes a pint ‘o ale.  I’ve become wary of the “chocolate stout” label, though, because I’ve had more than a few times where my expectations were sadly let down by the chocolatey-ness of the beer.

But not tonight. This one poured a respectable black with a suprisingly creamy head. The smell is boozy- almost like chocolate liqueur, but without some sweetness. The bitter malt backbone rounded it out and made it smell like some kid of dark chocolate truffle. Smells delightful.

The taste was a unique experience as well. Though not “milk chocolate” like, this was definitely harkening tastes of rich dark chocolate, like 70% cocoa. This wasn’t sweet – but retained that bitter quality that good dark chocolate has – the little sting to remind you that it isn’t all sugars involved. I found myself really enjoying this beer, though as it got warmer, the bitterness got more pronounced.

At a8% ABV, it isn’t one to drink a whole bottle of alone while watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. But it is one to share with your mates, for sure.