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Rogue – John John Ale

johnjohnI always walk past the beer section in whole foods and eye the Rogue section. They come out with new beers faster than I can keep up with them and its always worth a look. This one has, instead of the typical illustration on the cover, a photo of two brewers. The beer is described as the Rogue Dead Guy aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels. It pours a light orange, with a really vigorous head that dies down a few seconds after threatening to overspill the glass.

It smells citrusy and like oranges – which is not at all what I expected from aged Dead Guy. The taste, though, is surprisingly complex. A bit of citrus, and a little whiskey residue – it actually reminds me a bit of a whiskey sour. It isn’t a heavy ale, and isn’t as sweet of some of the other whiskey-aged beers I’ve tried. I do like this though, and would seek it out again. I wish I had it with my dinner, honestly, which featured a citrus salsa on top of salmon.

All and all, I think that this is one that I’d have again – and once again, Rogue doesn’t disappoint. I won’t be fully satisfied until Rogue opens a brewpub on the east coast, though. (That’s a hint, Rogue!)


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  1. I haven’t had a chance to try the John John Dead Guy yet, but I can’t wait to give it a shot. My go-to drink at a bar (when I’m not having beer) is a whiskey sour, so you just sold a bomber of the stuff!

    Did you hear they are doing “John John” versions of the Juniper and Hazelnut Brown?

  2. I have only had this beer out of a keg, and i thought the whiskey almost overwhelmed the citrus notes. Maybe I should get a bottle and see if that straightens everything out.

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