I’ve become a ginger beer convert. At first, I balked at the idea, thinking the two tastes were pretty much incompatible and couldn’t possibly go well together. But, being the ‘adventurer’ that I am, I decided to give it a go. And after a few good beers that included ginger, I was pretty hooked!

29_gingerwheat_labelGinger can be a good palate cleanser and in beer can provide a crispness or a freshness that you can’t otherwise get. The aroma of this one is more like candied ginger than the picked ginger smell that I was expecting. Previous ginger beers I’ve tasted have taken on almost a savory quality, and this one does not seem like it will go in that direction.

The taste is sweet and crisp with a definite ginger note – a little bite. It reminds me of sugar coated ginger candies, but not in an overwhelming way. I would almost pick this as a dessert beer. After doing a little research I also found out that it uses local honey (from New Hampshire) and lemon to balance out the ginger flavor. I don’t taste the lemon, but the honey can definitely be responsible for taming the ginger’s bite in this brew.

The sweetness is really on point and delicious – I think it would pair well with anise cookies or Russian tea cakes. I highly recommend this beer, though leave your expectations at the door!