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Shiner – Bock (Spoetzl Brewery)

BEER shiner bockSo for some reason, I have heard “Shiner Bock” mentioned a lot, though I’ve never seen it. A family friend brought this back from a trip down to Maryland, so I was happy to finally taste it.

I poured it out and saw that it was a nice red color – but very little head. The aroma was nutty and light, and it smelled like a pretty normal beer. Nothing too striking about the aroma, honestly.

I had high hopes since a lot of people had told me this was their go-to beer. The taste is very pleasant, but fast. Its a drinkable, light beer, with a bit of nutty maltiness. Certainly more depth to it than some other always-on-tap brews, and if this were offered as a choice in a bar, I’d pick it at least to gleam the malty taste of a non-american pilsner style beer. I think it would taste great with bar food – peanuts, popcorn, chicken wings. if someone invites me to Texas, I’d be happy to sample this alongside some appetizers…

Upon tasting it, I can see why my friends liked it, but at the same time it was not something I’d rave about. It is a good beer for the back pocket, should I ever have the choice when traveling.


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  1. Michael

    You hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t put in with craft beer, but it is a better option than the usual suspects. In TX, a lot of people drink it just because it is local. And unfortunately the local choices are not quite as vast as in other areas.

  2. Shiner is an old favorite – brewed not too far from my hometown. Lots of memories there!

    I generally agree with you – we did one recently and gave it a perfect mid-range score – 5 out of 10. It’s a top choice for a session beer with some taste that goes well with tailgating food. I like what you said – a back pocket beer – that’s a perfect description.

    It’s also a good conversion beer for getting Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers into beer with actual taste!

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