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Brooklyn Brewing Company – Black Chocolate Stout


I hesitated when I spied the Brooklyn Chocolate. There are two directions a chocolate beer can go into, and one is much better than the other. There’s the Nestle Quick taste of a milky chocolate beer, and then there’s an imperial/dark chocolate taste that, when properly executed, is divine. Which way would the Brooklyn Chocolate go?

This poured out a dark black with a nice foamy brown head. The smell was very raisny, which I took to be a verry good sign. it also had a hint of chocoate in the nose, but not too much. Both were good signs.

The taste was dominated by alcohol, chocolate and rasiny tastes. it wasn’t bitter at all, and actually carried a light finish. The taste was not heavy but rich – in a “fabulous chocolate cake” kind of way. The alcohol was very warming, and I soon returned to the bottle looking for the ABV. And, as I suspected, it was a whopping 10% ABV. This is a beer that ends your night. Its apparent in the taste, but welcomed, and not burning or astringent.

This is a high-quality beer. I wouldn’t give it to someone not expecting the kick. It is certainly rich which is a great treat. An after dinner beer, great for a winter’s night, and great for someone who loves chocolate in all of its forms, and would be skeptical of chocolate + beer.


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  1. Beer Babe,

    I agree that this is an exceptional imperial stout. If you haven’t already, please try their Brooklyn Black OPS, which is another high caliber imperial.


    Bill Z

  2. Next time I’m out east I’m going to look for this beer as I’ve yet to see any Brooklyn Brewing beers out in Colorado. Sounds like this one would be right up my alley. Love the dark brew and with a kick.

  3. I always loved beer. Drank a lot of it anyway. I’ve stuck to a very few tried-and-true brews, never feeling the need to broaden my horizons. But in the last year, since going to work for a distributor, I’ve been trying a lot different beerse, experimenting with differents styles, etc. Stouts and porters, though, have not been at the top of my “gotta try this next” list. Until now. Your description of B’s Choco Stout has changed that and I salute you. Thanks.

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