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Recent Happenings: The Hop Press


I’m happy to announce a new endeavor over at The guys over there have selected a few writers to be featured for weekly columns about all things beer, and they’ve called the group “The Hop Press”. The Hop Press posts can be checked out at, and just my postings can be found here.

My column over there posts on Mondays, and I’d encourage you to check out all the great writing that is going on! The link to the Hop Press page will be on my sidebar from now on, and also under ‘Writing.’ I hope you enjoy my posts and the posts of the other Hop Press writers! (Which actually include three other female beer writers – wohoo!)


Weyerbacher – Zotten


Stoudts Brewing Company – Smooth Hoperator


  1. Lyn

    Congrats! I think ratebeer is one of the best sites out there if not the best. I tend to stay away from others because it appears that they push certain Brews while some of the smaller “craft” brewers are left behind! I look forward to reading your articles!

  2. Good for you. It’s nice to be respected for your opinions. Make us all proud!

  3. effen beer

    There’s a great craft beer which is new on the market, if ever you were looking to review a true Aussie beer – its called effen beer and is an all natural craft brewed lager with no artificial colours or flavours, brewed with a blend of the finest Australian malts & New Zealand hops.

    Go to to find out more! cheers

  4. Thanks Dave! I’m hoping that the ratebeer gig will give me the chance to write things that don’t fall into the categories of what I cover here. (Commentary, news, more in-depth articles, etc.) I’m excited to get to open up my writing topics. Hopefully I can keep thinking of ideas! (Not as easy, certainly, as going to the fridge and opening it to decide my next review…)

  5. Congrats on your new blog column on Ratebeer. That was a nice honor for them to select you. Do you feel writing for Ratebeer will affect your writing on this blog much? I found that when I wrote for the I was torn between posting the article on that blog or my own blog. The two blogs were much too similar. Hopefully your new column will be slightly focused differently. Look forward to reading your articles.

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