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Geary’s – Autumn Ale

Okay, I admit it. I might be pushing the boundaries of “autumn” here. But today it was 50 degrees out as I watched my town setup for their annual Christmas Parade, and the kids wearing no coats let me know that maybe I could slide in another beer that’s been awaiting reviewing in my fridge for a little too long…

beer_shadow_autumnD.L. Geary Brewing Company, for all you West-Coasters, is a great little brewing company out of Portland, ME, and is affectionately known around these parts as just “Geary’s.” It is one of the pioneer brewing companies in Maine, being in existence only one year less than I’ve been alive. (They started really swinging around 1986, a few years after that, but who’s counting?)

They have a few flagship beers, a few special ones, and their traditional seasonals. This “Autumn Ale” is part of their seasonal offerings, and has a bright, leafy label. It pours a surprisingly dark brown (like a good brown ale). It is, in fact, a traditional English Brown Ale. The smell is of a sweet malt, and I’ll take that to be a very good sign of things to come once I lift this to my lips.

The taste has a characteristic that is somehow very English, and reminds me of Old Thumper in some weird way. The beer is slightly nutty, and has a lot of nice maltiness to it. It isn’t “spiced” like a lot of other autumn beers, and I think that’s a refreshing change. Basically, this is a really well-done brown ale. As you may know, brown ales are not my favorite style because I usually find that they taste thin and watery. This one is satisfying, though. It leaves a bit of that nutty/malty/roasty taste on your tongue after you swallow. There are a few hops that come out after a few sips, too, and that’s a welcome spicy addition to the brew.

This is very drinkable, and it’s something that I could easily see bringing with me to a dinner or gathering and having more than one. Sometimes “session” beers are just that – something you could picture yourself having more than one of – and there’s nothing wrong with that. I hope now that I am moving to Portland that I will get a chance to visit the brewery and talk to the brewers as well.


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  1. hotstuff

    What’s taking you to Portland? Job?

  2. I don’t think you’re pushing the boundaries of Autumn at all! We still have a few days left yet on the calendar. Plus, I’m really enjoying Breckenridge Brewery’s Autumn Ale and I’ll have a hard time without it! Great write up!

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