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Dogfish Head – Squall IPA

What happens when you take 90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head… bottle condition and naturally ferment it… and put it in a bottle unfiltered?
I had no idea either.

In fact, this label looks so unlike any other Dogfish Head brew, I am pretty damn sure I’ve seen it and passed it up, thinking it was something else. This one came to me as a graduation gift, and I had no idea it was a rare Dogfish brew until I read the label very closely a few days later. It contained a link to (Not to be confused with Rogue Brewery) which is a neat clothing store in Portland Maine. Huh?

Further research revealed a blog written by Sam that explained the relationship:

“In the last couple of years we’ve formed a mutual admiration society with our brothers from another mother at Rogues Gallery. They make super-comfy, super-rugged, unpretentious nautical-inspired clothing at their Portland Maine homebase not far down the road from Dogfish Head, Maine. We did a swap test batch of clothes for beer last year and are ready to take our relationship to the next level as the kids say. Late this spring we will be coming out with Squall IPA in limited east coast markets. It’s an unfiltered, full-on bottle conditioned and dry-hopped 9% abv, champagne-bottled IPA called Squall co-branded between our companies.”

What a neat arrangement! I’ll have to make a note to check that company out when I go up to Portland next.

It poured a beautiful dark amber, and smelled, honestly, just like a 90 minute IPA. A malty, hoppy smell with lots of sweetness, no bitterness at all, just that malty backbone. There was a considerable amount of head, which is a good sign when something is bottle conditioned. I think this being slightly less carbonated.
For being bottle conditioned, there was very little yeast in the bottom, and it wasn’t cloudy in the least. I did like it, and got some kind of woody taste, and it gets really nice when slightly warm. Unlike the 90 minute IPA, this one doesn’t leave a sweet sticky feeling on the lips, but slips down the throat smoothly and warmly. A nice treat and a nice surprise. Not sure if I’ll run into it again, but it was an enjoyable experience none the less.


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  1. waynethetrain

    Wow fancy label? I like

  2. Brad

    And just $6-$7 for 750mL of goodness. Great beer. I usually pick up at least one bottle per week. Great summer brew and I'm still not convinced it's in the 9% ABV range.

  3. Patrick

    That's funny, I'm homebrewing a 90 Minute IPA clone right now, and since I bottle, mine will be unfiltered and bottle-conditioned too. So I'll basically have Squall IPA even though they're not distributing it here on the west coast. 🙂
    I don't think a bottle conditioned IPA differs much from a filtered IPA though, so Squall = 90 Min basically.

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