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Shipyard XXXX IPA

The newest release from the Pugsley Signature Series happens to be an IPA, which is just in time since I have been straying from hoppy brews lately and have been missing their bite. The packaging on the Pugsley series is quite attractive, and I really like that they’re continuing to put out some really special brews.

The color on this is beautiful for an IPA – a bright copper orange with plenty of head. It smells hoppy and bold, and definitely smells stronger than a typical IPA.
The taste is bitter with a sharp, bright punch of hops, but with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. It is well balanced, but the aftertaste of the hops is what makes this beer delightful – it reminds you of the hops you’ve just consumed without giving you a whiskey face. It isn’t overly malty or syrupy, though, and is a bit more on the hop end of the spectrum for an imperial. Its like the hops are in there and they’re just mellowed, or disguised.
This would be a great beer for someone to explore what hops can do to a beer. It comes in at 9.25% ABV which might be a “step up” for the casual craft beer drinker, but if you like the complexity that hops can bring to a beer, then this one is for you.
I also had the opportunity to have this on cask at the Coat of Arms Pub, and found it to be a bitter treat. The casking process does funny things to a beer’s taste, sometimes good, sometimes bad. In this case, the Shipyard XXXX IPA is enjoyable either way, and I urge you to seek it out!


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  1. Helene

    I'm not usually too in to the Imperial IPAs – they tend to be a bit too strong for me – but I'll give this one a try.

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    Nice one, I never thought you will post this one, they said that it really taste good!

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