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Leinenkugel’s – 1888 Bock

So, funny thing… I saw a six pack of this at Smiley’s in Dover, grabbed two bottles out of it to make a mixed six pack, got home, and found that they were actually Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat. D’oh. On attempt number two, though, I managed to actually look at the bottles and get the 1888 Bock into my fridge.

I’ll admit to a little hesitation trying this. I mean, Leinenkugel, in my mind, can be really hit or miss. Their low for me was the Summer Shandy – it had a terrible fake lemonade taste and was almost undrinkable. But, I don’t judge a brewery only on one beer, so I decided to see what the 1888 bock was all about.
Interestingly, this was brewed from an old family recipe. 

In the spring of 1888, after 21 years of brewing in Chippewa Falls and one of the harshest winters anyone in the Midwest could remember, the then Jacob Leinenkugel Spring Brewery staff realized Leinie fans were primed for the brand’s first seasonal brew. So, they produced a hearty bock beer, a style that rose to popularity as a source of sustenance for monks during the Lenten fasting season and can be traced back to14th century Germany. (from an article on Beer Advocate)

I’ve looked up and talked about what a Bock is before, but its worth another mention. A lager beer, bocks are brewed to be strong and celebrate the coming of spring. The color on this one is dark mahogany, typical of most bocks. The smell is also malty and slightly raisny. 
I like the taste of this, and I was pleasantly surprised about how drinkable it is. I like how creamy it feels int he mouth, and its malts are mellow but flavorful. There is even a slight bit of caramel taste to the malts. It is smooth without being heavy, and its an accessible bock. It is not as complex as others blocks I’ve had, but I like it. And that’s all I need for a nice spring lager. 


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  1. José


    Here in Portugal we have Super Bock, one of the top sold brands.
    The other one, which I prefer, is Sagres (not bock).
    These are portuguese beers and I must say quite good.
    As for other brands I like Grolsch and Leffe (I like the Vieille Cuvee).

    Kind regards,


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