Yep, here I go with another maple beer! This one, unlike most of the maple brews I’ve thrown out there so far, is actually a maple beer that’s a dark one – a porter. I am excited to see what the flavors in the one will taste like! (Thanks Tim & Amy for the recommendation on this one!)

Named Kanc Country Maple Porter, this one bears the nickname of the Kancamangus Highway (close to Woodstock NH) where I assume the maple syrup or beer originate. The Kancamangus Highway is one of those winding mountain roads that people with sports cars have dreams about, and it is unbeatable in NH for camping, scenic views and hiking. I’ve gone up that way for camping and it is breathtaking. 

It pours a dark mahogany color, with tiny little bubbles in its head. Perhaps I’m just a little bit hungry, but it smells like smoky maple – almost like cooking maple bacon. 

This Maple Porter isn’t thick or syrupy (ironically), like some stouts are. Its flavor is smooth and not to sweet, with a little sting of bitter at the end. It is more like dark amber syrup than light amber – the roasty malts make it really interesting.
I think this is a good match but I’m not sure in a blind taste test if the average beer drinker could necessarily pick out the maple among the nutty and roasted malts. 
But, I like things extreme, and I’d request a little more maple in this one. If nothing else, it is a good porter – one with lots of flavor that I could see pairing very well with food. I continue to seek my ideal maple beer – Peak Organic has been my favorite so far, but this one is not far behind. I wonder if I aged it if the maple would come out more. Or what it would do to say, chili, if I tried to cook with it. My maple dreams will have to wait, for now.