Unlike many of the dark coffee stouts and porters out there, the brewers at Peak decided on something a little different for their coffee beer. Instead of a dark beer they chose to put it in an amber ale, which I heard good things about. I had this one while at a bar in Exeter, discussing the history and future of brewing in New Hampshire and Maine. 

The Peak Espresso Amber Ale (which, like all Peak brews is made from organic ingredients) is a dark red to light brown color, and has a really great smell. The nose is very coffee, but with a lot of sweetness.
I should preface the tasting portion of the review with a confession that I don’t regularly drink coffee, so I lack some of the vocabulary and understanding to describe this in intricate detail. That being said, I really enjoyed the taste of this one. It had a hop presence but left a nice burnt coffee bitterness behind on the tongue. I think the slightly sweet ale balances this bitterness well, and you’re left with a strong but pleasant coffee taste, without having to drink a heavy, high ABV beer. I don’t know how, but brewers are making me reconsider my anti-coffee ways. 
I like this brew and would recommend it to coffee and non coffee drinkers alike. As a bonus, it is made with (and is a tribute to) locally roasted fair-trade coffee. Very cool.