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Grand Teton Brewing Co. XX Sweetgrass 20th Anniversary Double IPA

Wow that’s a long name. And if you saw this bottle, you’d think that was a bit over the top too. Super large 1 liter bottle, with gold trimmed label, wax-dipped swing top. This one is special, or so it seems. I put it away for a while (this was brewed in 2008), thinking that with such a special bottle, this special brew would have to wait for a special day. But I couldn’t think of what. I’m not turning twenty, I haven’t been married for twenty years, I haven’t finished twenty years of med school. So, I’m going to use the “Double” part and open it up today for one special occasion: The 2 year anniversary of the Beer Babe’s Brew Reviews. I’ve throrougly enjoyed the past two years and hope to continue for many more. 

This one pours a hazy copper color, somthing that I always like to see. The scent is of a rich and deep IPA. I can detect that they’ve added a substantial amount of malts to balance out the four pounds of hops per barrel that this one uses. Its also bottle conditioned, which means that there was plenty of nice sediment in my glass too. 
The taste is out of this world interesting. It doesn’t have a twinge of bitterness at all. It is sweet and has that little astringency from hops. But it has a beautiful finish. The undertones remind me a bit of lemongrass, and it leaves the tongue feeling dry like a white wine. It is that grassy hop flavor that prevails here, but I never twinged once from its taste. This is refined and worthy of the crazy bottle. 
This one could easily be shared among four people, and drinking a whole liter of this at once would be a bad idea. 


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  1. booboodog

    tough to find outside of idaho, had the opportunity to have their regular sweetgrass at the brewery. had some other goodies too!!! liked everything i tried. if you're ever out in jackson, it's worth the trip over the teton pass to victor. andie

  2. Jamoosh

    I’ll have to look for that one. It sounds yummy!

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