After several days of beautiful travel down the pacific coast highway, a brief stop in San Fransisco and a rather uneventful stop in LA, we arrived in San Diego. I noticed that there were no less than 6 breweries or brewpubs in the area! We decided on Coronado Brewing Company on San Diego Bay. A giant arched bridge transports you from the mainland to the island of Coronado Big houses, surf shops and restaurants line the clean, beautiful sidewalks.

Palms frame the entrance to the Coronado Brewing Company, and you step through the entrance into a cool restaurant bar atmosphere, featuring lots of dark woods, and fresh air coming through cantilevered wooden shutters. It was a little dark in there, and I almost wished that someone would crack those shutters just a little more. A fireplace and a wandering bird made this place feel like a tropical cantina (not that I’ve ever been to one…)

Being in California, I went immediately for the Idiot IPA, an 8.5% ABV dry hopped with three pounds of hops per barrel. The nose was bitter, but a different bitterness followed in taste. It was almost savory, but well balanced. The hops were there in full force, though, like most other west coast IPAs I’d sampled.
I followed this with tasting the Orange Ale, brewed with orange zest and coriander. It was summery, light and the coriander was clearly tastable. It accented the orange well. The brew was a cloudy, light yellow. It was something fun to drink and went down easily – I could see myself drinking this on a hot summer day in San Diego, on a porch looking over the ocean.
The Thundering Third is described on the mu as a Steam Style Lager, 5.5% ABV. The malts and lager yeast made a really interesting taste. It finished a bit bitterly, but it is certainly nothing I’d ever tasted before.

The brewery has a three beer limit per customer – and not because some of their beers are high in ABV (though some are). They make limited quantities of beer, so its really fore the beer taster, not for someone throwing back a few cold ones on a hot afternoon. Our food was delicious, and buffalo wings actually spicy (yay!). I would absolutely come back here if I lived in the area – a great summer stopping point, and a beautiful area to boot.